Commencing her first public performance at a tender age of thirteen at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai Vijayalakshmi has since performed many concerts in the various facets as an accompanist, Violin Trio, Duet and solo.

Through the Duet concerts the Lalgudi siblings, have ensured that the lalgudi bani has been reverberating over the years all over the world through these performances in India and abroad, in all prestigious events and organizations,


All leading Music Organizations and Sabhas and Festivals in India have staged performances of the Lalgudi Siblings

International Events

Lincoln center, New york

Tropical Institute of Amsterdam

Concertgebouw , Amsterdam - Indo Amsterdam Festival

Smithsonian Institute – Washington, USA

India festival at USSR

Purcell Room, London

Lalgudi Krishnan and Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi have also performed for a variety of charitable programs, around the globe