The Lalgudi style of learning music encompasses learning vocal along side with the violin. Known for her ability to sing ragas and identify solfa syllables in any musical phrase at the age of 2 were the early signs of the making of a vocalist. Vijayalakshmi has mastered both the forms – violin and vocal and has the unique distinction of being a vocalist. Trained in the Lalgudi Bani she has made a mark as a vocalist of merit. She has given several vocal concerts in many of the Sabhas in Chennai, as well as on All India Radio. Besides, she has lent her voice to a few dance drama productions, notably Jaya Jaya Devi. She also has to her credit a few vocal cassettes, such as 'Ganesha Gana Manjari' and 'Lalgudi lineage'. Recently she gave vocal concerts in Muscat and Melbourne both of which have received rave reviews. She has also rendered a song in the movie Sringaram whose music director was her father Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman. The musical scores for this off-beat movie earned the National Award. movie has won the National awards for its Music